Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day, 2009

It started like every other day. At the crack of dawn, with the birds singing, and a little hint of light pushing its way through the blinds. The bedroom door creaks open, ever so slowly. The wiener stirs a bit, emits a low growl. A quick thump on the bed with the heel of my foot stops her instantly. And that is where the normalcy ends.

In a flash, the door slams shut, as I feel 47 pounds of pure boy-child bounding onto the bed, yanking the covers to get under. He snuggles up next to me, sharing my pillow and in his not-as-of-yet-volume-regulated-loud-ass voice says to me, “It’s time for your Mother’s Day snuggles!”

We get up together, Daddy still asleep on the couch having once again fallen asleep there (and no, I don’t make him sleep there. We just don’t always keep the same hours and he tends to nod off into a deep sleep while watching some incredibly boring show such as, “How to build a bridge out of tinker toys that will withstand a herd of Clydesdales.” So fascinating that within moments, everything (dogs included) that is within earshot of the show is enjoying a deep, deep slumber.

But I digress…

We go on about our normal morning with Josh stopping to give me “Mother’s Day hugs” along the way. After Jerry gets up, Josh proudly presents me with a new flag/banner pole set, complete with an American flag. How did he know it was exactly what I wanted? I truly am a lucky mom.

After more MD hugs and kisses, we were off! Over the river and through the woods. You got it, to grandmother’s house we went!

While there, we planted the flowers we bought her. Some of them along her walkway and others in a pretty cement “basket” that made it to West Point from Paris. Paris, TN that is.

The rest of the day, I spent with Josh and my niece Briar, playing on the swings, the trampoline, eating grape popsicles, and getting deer ticks. What fun!

Josh, as usual, stole the day with one statement. One statement alone will live in infamy. It will always set this Mother’s Day apart from every other one.

He was sitting on the swing, trying in vain to make it go. He looked up at the adults sitting at the picnic table and uttered the following statement:

Are you ready for it?

Are you sitting?

Are you in a place where if you burst out laughing, no one will care?

OK then, in the infamous words of Charlie (inside joke with Meagan) HERE IT COMES!

“Can somebody get me high?”

Hope your weekend was marvelous. Here are snippets of mine.



D said...


hopefully he won't be asking the same question in ten years

Wow, that was awkward said...

He likes to get high and he is a swinger. Good luck with him!!

Sonya said...

Can I get high with Josh? I like to swing too. *giggle*

Saving Grace said...

That was awesome Kim.
If you ever loose him, he probably got on a plane and you'll find him here in Detroit with me!!!
He is just too cute, whatever are you going to do when he is a teenager, it is just going to get better?

Kim said...

D: I hope not either. I mean if he can't figure out how to get his own self going on a swing by then, I'm at a loss!

WTWA: He's a lot like his mom in her younger days.

S: Let's all get high and swing!

SG: I hope he stays funny as a teen and not turn into a total dork.

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